AcademyPartner Group is an international Learning and Talent Development Organization that supports high potentials and high professionals in realizing their strategic objectives.

At AcademyPartner Group we do this in a special way: we combine the latest scientific insights (including those in our DNA) with our knowledge of business processes. In doing so, we are always aware of the fact that the world is changing faster than ever in this time; that our environment is uncertain, complex and elusive (in the US the slogan ‘VUCA’ is used, which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).

How do you deal with these changes as an individual and, above all, how do you get the best out of yourself in such a dynamic environment? Our answer is: first of all knowing what kind of individual you are. By understanding your character and understanding your own behavior. We gain that insight with the support of science. The DNA Assessment (also known as BrainCompass) maps your talents with the help of a unique DNA analysis and a (scientifically validated) online questionnaire. This allows you to discover where your talents and possibilities lie, where they come from and how you can use them or develop them to calculate your long-term goals.

Stretch for the brain!

The results we achieve are: remarkable improvements in the company results, a higher market share, more customer satisfaction and further strategic ambitions. Based on our worldwide experience in the field of management, consulting and programs, we offer our clients a unique and integrated approach, with the aim of achieving the optimum result of their efforts.

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